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This is your place to find information about topics surrounding the world of e-commerce and Amazon FBA. Get detailed information and pro tips for your business and product sales.

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How to manage warehouse limitations, Amazon FBA, Stock management

How to manage warehouse limitations

22. September 2021

The SPACEGOATS cheatsheet for optimizing your inventory shows you at a glance how to ideally combine offers. This allows you to sell off excess inventory and free up space in your Amazon warehouse.

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Prime day prep for seller

25. May 2021

It is THE Amazon Event for Sellers and Buyers every year: the Amazon Prime Day. For you that means a thorough preparation as soon as possible. Don’t know when it’s the right time to start or you might even be...

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(Value added) taxes for Amazon sellers in the EU: Pitfalls, regulations, reform 2021 and more

2. September 2020

Read everything concerning European VAT for Amazon sellers: From tax liabilities and compulsory registrations to current developments, pitfalls and how to avoid sanctioning.

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Listing Write Permissions

13. August 2020

Write permissions determine who is allowed to change and overwrite Amazon product listings. This can be a tricky thing since not all matters are clearly clarified in this area. We have more information for you.

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amazon pl, poland, marketplace, pan-eu

Amazon PL: How to expand to Poland and sell on the new marketplace

30. August 2021

Those participating in the Central Europe program have so far only known Poland as an external storage location for the German Amazon Marketplace. Now, Germany's neighbor Sweden and the Netherlands will follow as an independent marketplace. For a successful start...

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Product Compliance

16. July 2020

Product compliance is an umbrella term for various regulations that are crucial for everyone in the online sales business. We’ve summarized relevant rules, further information and explained selected certificates that are most important for Amazon sellers.

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EU Delivery Thresholds

27. August 2020

Delivery thresholds are export limits that apply when a seller, for example on Amazon, delivers their products across country borders to private customers in other countries. The thresholds regulate in which EU country the seller has to pay taxes for...

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2. September 2020

PAN EU is Amazon's pan-European shipping program. Sellers who take part in this program allow Amazon to store their goods in other European countries aside from their own and ship to customers in various countries from these warehouses.

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Product pitfalls on Amazon

20. July 2020

During our years of selling various products on Amazon, we have put our foot in it from time to time and made some mistakes. In order to spare you this, we’ve summarized common pitfalls with concrete examples in this concise...

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Bar codes: FNSKU or EAN?

5. August 2020

When it comes to FNSKU and EAN, the world is not black and white - even if the barcodes themselves might be. We explain the pros and cons of each code system and clarify which one is best for your...

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Change of Legal Structure

23. July 2020

Legal changes can be challenging times for an online sales business: Changing your legal structure often means losing revenue on Amazon - we show you how to minimize damages for your company and keep your sales up!

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Content Marketing and Social Media strategies for Amazon FBA sellers

11. September 2020

It’s not enough to simply open an Amazon account, create listings and then sit back and wait until the products are being sold. Of course this will result in a few sold items - however, if you really want to...

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This is your place to find information about topics surrounding the world of e-commerce and Amazon FBA. Get detailed information and pro tips for your business and product sales.

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