How to successfully run Amazon Ads on multiple marketplaces

1. September 2022

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How to successfully run Amazon Ads on multiple marketplaces

International expansion is a major milestone for most companies on Amazon. However, this process can be very time-consuming and requires sufficient resources.

Advertising campaigns are particularly important for success on Amazon. Therefore, you should make sure to adapt your ads to the target country and optimize them accordingly. In the following, we will go into more detail about the crucial factors for your success.

Adaptation to the Amazon marketplace

If you sell your products internationally, you need to adapt them to different marketplaces with different languages and cultures. To make your products look more attractive to potential customers, be sure to adapt your listings to each marketplace. For example, the listing includes the title, bullet points and product description. To ensure an authentic translation, you should work with a native speaker for this step.

The same applies to your ads and the keywords they contain, because in the long run it’s always worth investing the time and effort to adapt them to the respective languages and cultures. In fact, by taking this step, you can increase the conversion potential tremendously.

Before you advertise your products, you should find out about the guidelines for accepting sponsored ads. You should be aware of all applicable laws, regulations, and rules that apply to your ads in the location where they will be served.

In Poland, for example, advertisements for alcoholic beverages are completely banned. In other countries, there are restrictions, such as the need for certain labels. On the Amazon marketplace in Germany, for example, ads for alcohol may not be associated with sports. In Italy, ads must also include a call for responsible alcohol consumption. If you are not aware of these restrictions or do not follow them when creating your listings and ads, the ads will be rejected by Amazon.

There may also be price differences in bids on the various marketplaces. In the US, there are usually many merchants bidding on a keyword, which means the bids are correspondingly higher. So it can happen that your bids lead to high impressions in Germany – but not in the USA. Here you have to approach the optimal bid, which means a lot of manual effort.

Amazon Keywords

The right Amazon keywords are essential for a successful advertising campaign. When transferring your campaigns to other marketplaces, you should make sure that you do not translate the keywords 1:1 from the original language.

To illustrate this a bit more clearly, we can look at the following example:
If you use the keyword “tarpaulin” in Germany, you would translate it to “tarpaulin” in American English. However, Americans usually only use the abbreviation “tarp”.

To make the adaptation to the target language as target-oriented as possible, you can hire a native speaker for this task, just as you did for the translation of the listings. Native speakers understand the culture and language habits of the target country and can thus ideally adapt your listings and keywords. As a rule, when translated correctly by a native speaker, your listings appear more authentic and attractive to customers.

Bulk Operations

Bulk files can make managing Amazon ads on international marketplaces easier and more efficient. You can create, manage, and optimize multiple campaigns in bulk.

BidX offers you the Bulk Operations feature as a Pro feature. It is a spreadsheet-based tool that enables Bulk Operations of Amazon Ads advertising campaigns. You have the ability to download, edit and upload sponsored ad metrics in a Bulksheet.

In the Discover tab you have the option to export your campaigns to download an Excel file of your current campaign.

Likewise, you can enter or copy a product list and export products with one click to transfer them to another marketplace. Bulk Operations also allows you to pause or archive products or keywords and add products, keywords and negative keywords to existing campaigns.

Tip: When optimizing bids via Bulk, be aware that commas and periods are set differently in the US and the EU. You should adjust these accordingly (e.g. USA: $2.81; EU: 2.81€).


Keyword adjustments can already be time-consuming on one Amazon marketplace. However, as you expand with your business and sell on multiple marketplaces, manually adjusting all of your listings, Amazon keywords, and campaigns is nearly impossible.

Automating these processes can save you a lot of time and especially resources. PPC management tools like BidX will keep your Amazon PPC campaigns running optimally when you don’t have time to spend hours adjusting them yourself every day.

For example, BidX gives you the ability to copy your campaigns to other marketplaces. Your bids and budgets for the respective campaign are automatically converted into the currency of the target marketplace during this step.

Lena Trapp - BidX


Lena Trapp - BidX

Lena Trapp is Marketing Manager at BidX. BidX supports Amazon merchants with software solutions that automate and optimize advertising on and off Amazon.

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