Change of Legal Structure

5. October 2021

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Legal Change

If you want to change the legal form of your company with Amazon, for example from a general partnership (like a GbR in Germany) to a corporation (such as a German GmbH), there is a lot for you to consider. This would require opening a new account on Amazon – which is virtually impossible because Amazon only permits one account for each company or the person behind it. If Amazon finds out that any two accounts are connected in one way or another, this will result in the respective accounts being blocked.
Together with our customers, we found two lasting solutions for this issue:

Creating a new account after a waiting period

For this first option, you close the account you were operating from until now, then wait for two to three months before opening a new account with the new legal form. This way, you can make sure that Amazon won’t create a connection between the old and your new account. After all, tricking Amazon by having two accounts simultaneously is not what you’re after.
However, Amazon is very cautious when it comes to this topic so there are still a few things that could go wrong.

SPACEGOATS experience story: We know of that one case that resulted in a lifelong account blockage for one seller because he had been listed on the support page with his phone number three years ago – on a whole other Amazon account, belonging to a colleague he worked for. He then proceeded to open his own account with his phone number – and got banned immediately. This entails months, if not years, of complications, as well as time and money for a lawyer. So this might not be the ideal solution.

The bottom line: Close your old account and get rid of any old information completely, then wait a sufficient amount of time before opening a new account.

The simple solution: Come join us!

The second, secure solution is: Join SPACEGOATS! We’ll sell your products on our seller account until you can activate your new account. This way, you won’t lose a single day of revenue or ranking and still have the option of letting plenty of time pass before opening the new account.

If you want to be completely sure, of course, that your account will not face the risk of blocking, you can always stay with us – which means you won’t need a new account anymore, save all the time and effort, and eliminate the risk of a banned account.

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