Chinese New Year 2022 for Amazon Sellers

10. January 2022

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What is the name of Chinese New Year? … and is New Year’s Eve celebrated in China?

For the Chinese, the New Year is ushered in with the most important celebration for families: the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year – which is also the name of the Chinese New Year.

It means for Chinese people long preparation and then traditionally 15 days of customs, feasts, and a conclusion with the magical lantern festival. But it has one thing in common with New Year’s Eve as we know it: Fireworks!

And why do Chinese celebrate New Year later?

Because the Chinese follow the lunar calendar, Chinese New Year falls on a different date each year. It begins on the second (and rarely the third) new moon after the winter solstice.

The New Year’s Day shifts every year by about 11 days backwards. Since the Chinese New Year can begin however at the earliest on 21.01., sometimes also a leap month is pushed in between and the celebration shifts around 19 days.

This results in the Chinese New Year 2022 starting on February 01. So that you have the dates better in view, we have the dates for the New Year’s Day of the upcoming years, and their respective animal sign, here for you:

  • 2022: 01 February -> Year of the Tiger
  • 2023: January 22 -> Year of the Rabbit
  • 2024: February 10 -> Year of the Dragon
  • 2025: January 29 -> Year of the Snake
  • 2026: February 17 -> Year of the Horse

Here we have some useful tips for the chinese new year busy season:

1. check the capacity of your factory: 

First, you should email your factory contact and ask them two questions:

1) When is the office closed for CNY?
2) When does the factory close for Chinese Christmas?

The two dates are different as the office will probably only be closed for 7-10 days.

2. If possible avoid production and delivery

Reduce the risk of quality issues and delivery thresholds through avoiding products, which were produced right before chinese new year.

3. check the capacity and prices of the carriers again.

Due to the increased volume of orders just before CNY, shipping companies are seeing an increase in demand for shipping containers. This is usually the most expensive time of the year for shipping goods.

4. send your supplier a gift for Chinese New Year?

Fortunately for us, Christmas comes before CNY. Why is this beneficial? Well, we can find out if our supplier will send us a Christmas gift before we decide whether to return the favor.

5. anticipate orders

Based on all of the above information, the best way to avoid potential quality issues, late orders, higher costs, and inflated shipping prices is to plan ahead and give your supplier a forecast of your orders at the beginning of the year.

Also check out our video about the topic CNY:

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