Thomas: Amazon success without your own account

5. October 2021

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THE PREPARATION: Point of departure

The story of Thomas and his business starts on eBay. About four years ago, he started his business and began selling products with his business partner at the time. The thought of expanding to other other platforms definitely already popped up in his head: “We wanted to start Amazon much earlier but had no idea how it worked.” Eventually, they decided to take the plunge and started selling on Amazon by hitching onto listings that already existed. Due to lack of know-how, bad reviews started coming in and their account ended up being suspended.

After about two years, Thomas took over the ebay business by himself. In the spring of 2019, he wanted to give Amazon another shot – and received the message that his new account got blocked due to similarities to another account. “Some phone number or email address”, says Thomas, must’ve been the same as on the account from two years ago.

He needed a solution. But neither a lawyer nor big names of the Amazon world were able to help, let alone fix the issue.

Thomas ended up researching other options, wrote action plans and was just about to invest in extensive coaching – when he got in touch with a colleague who ended up giving him a tip that hit the bull’s eye: “He said I could just start selling with SPACEGOATS.”

THE TAKE-OFF: Needs and aspirations

The main requirement for Thomas and his business was of course this: being able to start selling again.

On top of that, he also lacked experience in dealing with Amazon as a sales platform.


“It was odd in the beginning. After all, I was a newbie on Amazon”, he explains. He was neither familiar with the seller central nor other areas of Amazon. “In the beginning, I was worried how things would proceed since I had no access to the actual account.” Wondering whether these worries are still an issue? “No, they’re not anymore, at all.”

By now, he’s become very familiar and getting along well with the processes at SPACEGOATS, from listing to launch and sales.

He’s heard from contacts and colleagues about all the things sellers have to take care of in the seller central and generally surrounding Amazon. “I don’t have to do this myself but instead only need to supply SPACEGOATS with the information and so on.”

Thomas has been on board at SPACEGOATS for more than a year now – and can’t see anything wrong with that: “Nothing much to say, it’s going well!”


“Everything went smoothly”, he explains. He can definitely recommend SPACEGOATS for anyone who also can’t create their own account or simply wants to save themselves the time: “I can say that everything is working nicely, even if you just do .de.”

Most of the time Thomas needs to invest in his business is taken up by sourcing new products and communicating with manufacturers. “Once the product is on the market, there is not much work left to be done.” Sit back, let SPACEGOATS take care of your sales and watch your business grow!

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