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16. December 2021

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intergalactic journey 2021 spacegoats

New years eve is right around the corner!
This is the perfect time to review 2021 and all the information we’ve collected for your success.

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If you as a seller, take part in the pan-European shipping program, or PAN EU, you allow Amazon to store your goods in other countries and ship to customers in different countries from there. This has mainly three advantages: First, customers receive their products notably faster thanks to Prime shipping. Of course the seller also benefits: You only pay the local, national shipping costs instead of having to deliver products across one or several borders. And in the seller central, you get one overview of all of your stock across Europe instead of several single stock displays for every country.

Steps to Get Started With Amazon PAN EU

7 Steps to get started with Amazon Pan-EU

Not only did we create an overview of the steps you need to take to get started, we also have a solution for you to make international expansion easier and less complicated

How to automate before launching

 Therefore, they dream of automation pre launch. It’s clear that, building any business from the ground up comes with many challenges. As a result, in most of the cases’ automation before launch is not as easy as one might expect.

EU Delivery Thresholds

2021 faced us with delivery thresholds like never before. exporting into other countries was one of the biggest issues and hurdles every amazon seller had to face.

Product Compliance

Product Compliance

In both parts of the word “product conformity” or “product compliance”, you can find its meaning: It’s about the single product and the regulations or laws to which you need to adhere (conformity/compliance) when manufacturing or selling it.

Amazon PL: How to expand to Poland

amazon pl, poland, marketplace, pan-eu

Those participating in the Central Europe program have so far only known Poland as an external storage location for the German Amazon Marketplace. Now, Germany’s neighbor Sweden and the Netherlands will follow as an independent marketplace.

6 reasons for a blocked seller account

Oh, no. Your Amazon sales account must be blocked. Now what? And how did this happen? We will show you 6 reasons for a blocked account. Additionally, we will present you some solutions as well. 

Benefits you have with an amazon seller account backup

An amazon seller account backup is of utmost importance. Imagine this: you have been selling your products on Amazon for half a year now. Of course, there is a lot of important data that needs to be backed up. So far, you’ve always relied on it a lot.

Find there articles and much more of 2021 in our knowledge base.

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