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We boost your Amazon Europe sales by providing our Amazon account, tools, and supply chain infrastructure. Generate revenue while we handle all the compliance requirements for you.


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Whether you’d like to sell in Germany, the UK or any other European marketplace, with SPACEGOATS the EU becomes one big marketplace. Regardless of whether you choose Selling as a Service or Full Service, you are free to choose where you want to sell, whether on one or all marketplaces.

Many tasks, one solution

We reduce and automate many of your tasks when selling on Amazon. This saves you time and money, allowing you to focus on scaling, launching new products and creating your brand. To check out the nerdy details, feel free to check out our Features & Services page.

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Manage your business

Every business needs a control centre. We offer you the Galaxy. Take a look at your revenue and sales dashboard. Generate business reports. Manage your ad spend on Amazon. Manage your products and delivery schedules. Get your billing overviews, both from SPACEGOATS and Amazon. Easily create support requests to get help from us.

More than 200 happy customers

Most of our customers and other sellers, a total of 400+ members, are talking about FBA in our exclusive Slack community. Join the talks, share your insights and benefit from other experiences.


Since I’m already storing my goods in Poland and the Czech Republic, I know what it means to register your taxes there, and I have to pay my VAT there every month. This always sounds like not much, but everything you have to do every single month is annoying.

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In the beginning, I was worried how things would proceed since I had no access to the actual account.” Wondering whether these worries are still an issue? “No, they’re not anymore, at all.

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