Supercharge Your Ecommerce Growth with AI-Powered EU & US Expansion

Sell your products on Amazon, your brand’s custom online shop, in offline retail stores and B2B markets. Benefit from our existing supply chain infrastructure, tax registration and the AI-Powered Galaxy software.

Selling as a Service

Make use of AI-powered cross-channel selling of your products in the EU and the US.

Sell your products on Amazon. Whether your business is in the US, Europe or the UK. With SPACEGOATS, you can sell on all marketplaces easily, from one central hub and with one tax registration.

Realize the full potential of your brand by selling through your own Shopify shop, via SPACEGOATS’ supply chain infrastructure, and the option to expand into new markets.

Expand even more and conquer the offline stores by selling your products to major US retail stores. Get access to the US B2B market and take boost your sales by reaching millions of businesses. 

Country Channel Amazon ShopifyNew Offline Retail
& B2B marketNew
US United StatesNew
UK United Kingdom Coming soon
DE Germany
FR France Coming soon
ES Spain Coming soon
IT Italy Coming soon
SE Sweden Coming soon
PL Poland Coming soon
NL Netherlands Coming soon
BE Belgium Coming soon

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Supercharge Your Ecommerce Growth with AI-Powered EU & US Expansion