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MerlinUses SPACEGOATS for international sales
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"Since I’m already storing my goods in Poland and the Czech Republic, I know what it means to register your taxes there, and I have to pay my VAT there every month. This always sounds like not much, but everything you have to do every single month is annoying."

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ThomasIncreased his sales despite a blocked account
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“In the beginning, I was worried how things would proceed since I had no access to the actual account.” Wondering whether these worries are still an issue? “No, they’re not anymore, at all.”

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FlorianSecured his sales during legal changes
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“I wanted to make more sales in other European countries and reach a higher profit margin as well, since PAN EU reduces shipping costs.” SPACEGOATS’ pan-European registration was one of the main reasons why this collaboration seemed so interesting to him.

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