Strategic Account Services – Is it worth it? – Experience, Review, and Conclusion

5. April 2022

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Amazon 360 - Review

Amazon Seller “Premium” – Extended cooperation with Amazon via the Strategic Account Services

Anyone who has been active on Amazon for several years knows the strengths and weaknesses of the e-commerce giant. A good access to an extremely potent market faces communication wars with the support. One is grateful for every link to Amazon, which enables more direct communication channels and uncomplicated problem solving. An option that stands out is the Strategic Account Services. Here, for a not entirely small amount of money, you are provided with a competent contact person with the appropriate connections and strategic know-how.

Amazons Strategic Account Services – What does SPACEGOATS say?

Since we want to offer our customers first-class service and at the same time a good partnership with Amazon, we decided to take a closer look at the program and test it. After 4 months of partnership, we can say: It has paid off. We are able to resolve complicated issues faster, providing faster AND better service to our customers, and have fewer hurdles in resolving issues. Cases can be escalated more effectively and we, our customers and Amazon benefit from a smoother process. The premium support works in tickets much faster and more comprehensively too, which is one of the biggest benefits for us. Our contact person turned out to be dedicated and supportive, which is why we began to really appreciate the contact.

Benefits of the Strategic Account Services in every SPACEGOATS account

It’s not all glitz and glamour, after all, because of course the service costs quite a bit. For us, we pay the maximum price of 5000 Euro monthly. But in return, we can offer an above-average service for each of our customers, large or small, compared to a normal account. One of the biggest highlights are the extensive reports and analyses that Amazon provides as part of the program. For example, it is easier to plan expansions, better identify technical errors and identify unused potential at an early stage. Of course, we are happy to help with the evaluation of the data to ensure that the information gained can also be translated into performance. The program provides a more complete, clearer picture of the current performance and new optimization opportunities.

SPACEGOATS Conclusion: The Strategic Account Services

Amazons Strategic Account Services is a strong option for identifying untapped potential and working more professionally with Amazon. The better support helps to reduce ticket processing time for us. The direct contact person assists in solving more complex problems and also brings in additional resources for this purpose. The improved situational awareness through data and information creates more transparency with regard to the initial situation and serves as an accurate decision-making basis for future strategic action. We therefore draw a positive conclusion with regard to the cooperation so far and will continue to use the service. If you are not yet part of the SPACEGOATS family and would like to benefit from the Strategic Account Services advantages, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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