6 reasons for a blocked seller account

2. December 2021

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blocked seller account

Learn how to handle a blocked seller account in 2023

Log in… Error… Repeat. Again, the same result. 

Oh, no. Your Amazon sales account must be blocked. Now what? And how did this happen? We will show you 6 reasons for a blocked account. Additionally, we will present you some solutions as well. 

If your Amazon seller account is blocked, it’s not the end of the world… It’s just a huge problem if your seller account is going to be deleted…

But don’t worry, we will figure it out before you face your blocked account.

Reason 1 for a blocked account: Poor seller performance 

Maybe this one is the most frequent reason that your Amazon seller account is blocked. This can be complaints or ratings from buyers. Another part, for example, is that delivered goods are not as described or there are defects. Moreover, it could be that your delivery is too late and customers complain. 

Furthermore, a high cancellation rate (should not be higher than 2.5% of all orders) by the seller can have negative impacts and your Amazon seller account will be blocked. A possible solution is to keep an eye on bad reviews and do everything that your delivery won’t be too late. 

Reason 2 for a blocked account: Usage of logos or trademarks

You simply put a logo of a competitor and say it’s yours? You can’t do that! Otherwise, the consequence will not only be a blocked account, but your seller account deleted. The reason: There are some product categories on Amazon that have specific certifications. 

These can be medical equipment… And if you violate this rule, you simply face a blocked account. So in this case, go ahead and contact Amazon support at first. This will save you a lot of stress and nerves.

Reason 3 for a blocked account: Too many accounts

Always remember: You cannot just have several Amazon seller accounts. One for each seller is enough. And believe us, Amazon is good at finding duplicate accounts. And in that case, your Amazon seller account will be blocked, or your seller account will even be deleted.

Therefore, simply create one good Amazon seller account, and you won’t need many more just to be ahead of your competitors…!

Reason 4 for a blocked account: Buying customer reviews

A good seller won’t even need to buy reviews. And additionally, it isn’t worth the effort. Because Amazon will find that out quickly, and the results are clear: Your Amazon seller account is blocked, or your seller account is deleted. 

If you have a good product, you will get the reward you deserve! And many positive reviews will flutter into your virtual inbox. Therefore, better spend your time on enhancing your products and not in buying customer reviews. 

Reason 5 for a blocked account: Not communicative enough…

For Amazon, it is really important to respond fast to customer concerns. As a good seller, you have to respond within a day. And remember: Weekends or holidays won’t count because you have to be always there for your customers… 

Amazon will check if you ignore customer E-Mails. And as a result, your Amazon seller account is blocked or your seller account is deleted. 

Reason 6 for a blocked account: Infringements

Another cause for a blocked account are legal infringements. In almost every marketplace, there are legal infringements. And as a marketplace operator, Amazon is liable to the rights’ holder when it becomes aware of such illegal offers by the sellers. 

Amazon has installed a system that allows rights holders to report such (suspected) cases. If this happens, the result is a blocked account. But at first, Amazon blocks the affected items. In the worst case, not only your Amazon seller account is blocked, but your seller account will be deleted.

So, be aware that this can happen if Amazon finds out about.

Possible Solutions

Before you face a blocked account, there are some possible fixes. At first, be aware that reinstatement will be a slow process. Therefore, you shouldn’t be too fast and hope that everything will be back in a blink of an eye. You need some strategic steps to lift your suspension.

Do not try to contact the Amazon support again and again. At first, they will give you the basic advice. And, it takes the support 24 hours to respond to your appeal. Furthermore: Use a decent language and a professional style. Then, Amazon will help you with your problem. The best possible result: Your Amazon seller account is no longer blocked or your seller account isn’t deleted anymore. But be patient with it!

In addition, never hurry to send an appeal or an action plan. Because, Amazon rarely reinstates an account on the first appeal.  It takes many days, weeks or months that your account is not blocked anymore. And it also takes a long time to be back in place, if your seller account is deleted. 

Moreover, never open a  new account on Amazon. The reason: Amazon will find it out and block your new account as well… Therefore, the best you can do is to support Amazon and be patient afterwards. 

In your message, you should describe exactly what happened and ask for activation of the account. Usually, you will then receive a request from Amazon to submit an action plan. This is a document that is supposed to give Amazon detailed information about the incident and the planned changes to avoid further problems, and on the basis of which Amazon then decides on the activation of the account.

If Amazon rejects the action plan, it still doesn’t necessarily mean the end. You now have the opportunity to submit a revised version of the action plan. Often, Amazon also gives clues as to what information was still missing.

At this point at the latest, however, it may also make sense to call in a lawyer. Otherwise, your Amazon seller account will stay blocked, or your seller account will stay deleted.

We offer you a backup solution for your seller account so that you can rest assured that you can keep on selling.


The worst case scenario: A blocked account. This can happen because of many reasons, and not only the 6 we presented. Therefore, it makes sense to first contact the Amazon support, if you are not sure if you behave right. 

Amazon regularly checks whether each guideline is complied with. And if not, your Amazon seller account is blocked, or your seller account will be deleted.

But don’t worry, we also presented you some possible solutions. 

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