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5. January 2022

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Amazon 360 spacegoats

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of Amazon 360 and SCAPEGOATS combined, without the annoying interaction with the Sellersupport. 

We’ve reached many goals in 2021, and now it’s time to celebrate a bit. As a competent and high-revenue seller, sometimes you need some advice. Because even the best salesman doesn’t know everything.

We’ve got good news for you because now we can provide you with the advantage of the Amazon 360 service. We are now members of this program! So your FBA business can grow even further.

Everybody needs a bit of help sometimes

You are not a robot, you are a human being. So it’s perfectly fine if you make mistakes and don’t know an answer. We can help and advise you with our membership in Amazon 360 program. This program provides the appropriate support you need. 

Originally, the service was created by Amazon after there was a gap for sellers when it came to problems. With the help of our connection to the Amazon 360 support, you receive direct help from real human beings. 

Otherwise, you have to contact the Amazon seller support. 

We’ve listed you some more advantages you gain with the Amazon 360 service we are members of:

  • Supports you with analytical insights into your Amazon business
  • Expert knowledge identifies untapped development potential
  • Helps you to increase chances of launching initiatives
  • Experts create dedicated business plans for you
  • Includes a discussion of sales promotion measures
  • No more impersonal support

How can I get help from the Amazon 360 program?

Don’t worry, there are not many things to do. As we mentioned above, we are now members of the Amazon 360 service. This means as a seller on Amazon you can just contact us, and we will provide you any help you need from the Amazon services. 

…or in case you have any general questions. Remember: The Amazon 360 program gives you access to expertise, and you no longer have to rely on the seller support page. And we are virtually the connection.

That sounds too good to be true…: Are there any obstacles regarding the Amazon 360 program?

To gain support, you have to be part of the Marketplace 360 program (with the help of us). Normally, you only get this access by invitation. This means only high-turnover sellers who generate 30,000 euros in gross sales per month can be part of this program. Furthermore, the seller performance has to be great. 

If you have neglected your requirements as a seller and delayed shipping and so on… You might not have a chance to become part right now. 

But because we are part of the Amazon 360 program, we can provide you the information.


In any case, it is the best to not just rely on your own system, but to include the opinion of another party. It is no shame to ask questions and be aware that you don’t know everything. Additionally, it is important to say that there is nothing wrong with admitting to mistakes. 

Sometimes you just need to ask for help, and the Amazon 360 program is there with advice and answers from experts. And we are the connection for it.

Normally, there are obstacles you have to overcome. Because for the Amazon 360 you have to raise a certain amount of money to become a part of the program, respectively to get invited.

But we are members of the Amazon 360 and therefore can provide you information.

If you become a part, you won’t ever face an impersonal support of Amazon in the future. You get in contact with experts and receive their knowledge. That is a huge advantage

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