We provide comprehensive product compliance consulting for Amazon sellers. We check if your products meet all necessary regulatory standards and guidelines, reducing the risk of removal or suspension from the Amazon marketplace. Our team of experts stays up-to-date with the latest regulations so you can be confident in the quality and safety of your products.

Three reasons to book this service with us.


Our experts have long term experience in analysing product of multiple areas for international target markets


We have the infrastructure to help efficiently and fast that includes access to multiple databases, best practices and partners

Risk minimization

Our product compliance consulting can help you ensure that your products and processes meet all relevant regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance and the potential consequences that come with it



from 149 €


Purpose of the Audit: Review of products, packaging, and documents for potential marketability.

Scope of the Audit:

  • Review of products and documents for their marketability for
  • the EU market or a single defined market (feedback yes / no – only information about kind and manner are communicated)
  • Green light for the presumption of marketability in the defined target market
  • Listing check for possible violations
  • Document check for possible violations / errors


Please note that this Quick Compliance Check is only a review of the obligatory information and does not replace comprehensive legal advice.


from 179 €


Purpose of the Audit: Verification of compliance with the labelling obligations for products and packaging according to the General Product Safety Regulation (GPSR) applicable from December 2024.

Scope of the Audit:

  • Products and packaging: All products and their packaging listed on the website will be checked for their labelling.
  • Scope: The examination refers to both the German market and all EU marketplaces.
  • Content of the examination: Only legally required labels and mandatory information will be checked.
  • Type of information: There is no consulting or creation of artworks. The examination is limited to the transmission of information on the required mandatory information according to GPSR.
  • Target group: This examination is intended for companies that offer their products on the German market or other EU marketplaces and want to ensure that their labels meet the requirements of the GPSR.


Please note that this GPSR compliance check is only a review of the mandatory information and does not replace comprehensive legal advice.

Compliance Check Consulting

from € 499


Purpose of the Audit: The Compliance Check aims to ensure compliance with legal and Amazon-specific policies through detailed reports, personal consultation, specific compliance tools, thorough review of documents and products, and the assessment of marketability, providing specific advice on the current legal situation.

Scope of the Audit:

We will create a customized report for you, in which we explain in detail the steps that must be taken to comply with both legal regulations and Amazon’s specific guidelines.

  • Creation of a detailed report with recommendations for action
  • Brief personal consultation for coordination and clarification of possible questions
  • Provision of an individualized Compliance Sheet
  • Requesting the necessary information and documents
  • Review of Amazon listing conformity
  • Review of products/product packaging
  • Examination of compliance documents for completeness and conformity
  • Checking for potential marketability


Please note that this Compliance Check Consulting is merely a review of the mandatory information and does not replace comprehensive legal advice.

Individual Consulting



Purpose of the Audit: The Individual Consultation aims to cater to your needs. Do you have specific questions or topics for which you need support? Our compliance experts have the answers.

Scope of the Audit

The core of our individual consultation is to provide comprehensive and personalized support focused on compliance with both legal regulations and specific guidelines like those of Amazon. We offer detailed reports, personal consultation, the use of specific compliance tools, and a thorough review of documents and products to ensure a marketability assessment in line with current legal requirements.

Please note that our compliance check consultation is a specialized review but does not replace comprehensive legal advice.