These Are the 7 Steps to Get Started With Amazon PAN EU

20. October 2021

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7 Steps to get started with Amazon Pan-EU

You haven’t expanded your Amazon business with PAN EU to sell internationally yet? Well, what’s stopping you from doing it? Yes, we know this step requires a lot of work – but don’t worry, we can help you out. Not only did we create an overview of the steps you need to take to get started, we also have a solution for you to make international expansion easier and less complicated.

Step 1: Choose Your Home Marketplace

Amazon currently has seven marketplaces in Europe: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands and Poland. To start selling with the PAN EU program, choose the country from which most of your products will be distributed. This will be your home marketplace.

The home marketplace of SPACEGOATS is in Germany. That’s where we distribute the majority of the products of our sellers and where the majority of the end customers are located. 

Every country has its own laws and regulations you have to comply with. Therefore it is very important to check them thoroughly so there won’t be any expensive surprises after you’ve launched your product in a new country.

Here are some common regulations you should research for each country where you want to sell:

  • VAT implications
  • Customs laws and fees
  • Consumer rights
  • Product compliance
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Marketing and labelling laws
  • Environmental requirements
  • Health and safety regulations

Step 3: Fulfillment Method FBA PAN EU

Why PAN EU? When selling goods on Amazon in Europe, it is important to know the difference between the PAN EU program and the European Fulfillment Network (EFN): In both Amazon programs, sellers are only allowed to have one stock for all of Europe. But while with EFN your products will always be sent to customers across Europe from the country where your home marketplace is located, with PAN EU Amazon redistributes product stock to other countries’ warehouses based on where they see a higher demand. This means shipping is cheaper and does not take as long. It does also mean, however, that your products are transported across borders for storage which might come with additional regulations and laws you have to consider.

To activate FBA PAN EU, go to your Seller Central. There you will find the option to easily enable pan-European shipping with one click. However: Pay attention to a few requirements you need to meet in order to receive all the PAN-EU benefits.

Not sure if you fulfill all the requirements? We can help you with the internationalization of your Amazon FBA business and find the right solution for you.

Schedule a free and not binding call with us now!

Step 4: Register VAT and EORI Number

To import goods into Europe, for example when you source your products in China, you will need an EORI number. This is your Economic Operator Registration and Identification. 

You also need to register your brand in each country you want to sell your products in to get a VAT number. This number enables you to add the required consumption tax on your products.

Step 5: Plan Your Pricing globally

While planning your pricing for your products, don’t forget to also consider additional fees such as shipping costs, customs, VAT and fulfillment (FBA) fees.

Step 6: Translation and Language Barriers

Amazon does not require you to provide customer service in the language of each country you are selling. However, your listing MUST be in the language of the target country. 

And here’s the crucial point: Adjusting the listing language is more than just translating it. Each country has its own culture so people might perceive wordings in a different manner and react to your listing differently. So we recommend getting your listings translated professionally by someone who knows the language and culture. Additionally, you can also strive to rank high for the right keywords in every country.

Step 7: List Your Products internationally

Your final step is to list your products on Amazon and start selling!

Or, if you’re looking for an automated and easier option to benefit from PAN EU and start selling with SPACEGOATS, tell us in our software, the Galaxy, to list your products and use our partner network to make the most of your Amazon FBA business.

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