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Sell on all Amazon marketplaces with only one European VAT ID.
SPACEGOATS – internationalization made easy!

Selling on all Amazon marketplaces

PAN EU and even more benefits

In addition to the benefits of the Amazon PAN EU program, SPACEGOATS offers you:

Sell internationally – pay tax locally

If you sell through SPACEGOATS on Amazon, you can sell your products on all European marketplaces. Unlike with using PAN EU directly through Amazon, you do not need a foreign tax advisor (for the foreign marketplaces) or tax registration in each country you want to sell in with SPACEGOATS. You only need tax registration in the EU country in which you store or where to you import your goods. If you participate in the PAN EU program through Amazon directly, you will not be able to avoid the tax hurdles and will be bound for at least one year with all the bureaucracy and costs involved. With SPACEGOATS, you can pay tax in one country while selling on many marketplaces. To make this even more attractive, you save lots of time.

Generate sales in no time

This is how internationalization works: If you use the infrastructure of SPACEGOATS, you can sell your products on several marketplaces in no time. You spare yourself many administrative tasks as well as any bureaucratic effort abroad. In addition, our team will support you with your launch, your listings and any other questions you may have. Want to know exactly how to get started?

Support with FBA and PAN EU issues

As part of SPACEGOATS, you are part of a seller community. With over 400 members, our Slack community offers you the opportunity to ask questions and share knowledge. If you have direct questions about your listings, problems or other uncertainties, our team and community is there for you. If you need tips on how to get started and want to improve things, our Customer Success is your point of contact. You need further services or other support? Our partners on the SPACEMARKET are at your disposal.

SPACEMARKET access for translations

Selling internationally means having to translate listings into other languages. This is where our SPACEMARKET comes in: A marketplace that offers all seller-relevant services with a discount and is accessible exclusively for SPACEGOATS customers. From product photos, PPC and financing options to translations, our selected partners offer our sellers fantastic price advantages. The SPACEMARKET supports you on your journey to internationalization and beyond.

Outsource customer support

We not only support you with all your questions, but also take care of your customers. If you sell through SPACEGOATS, you no longer have to worry about customer support. Whether national or international, every marketplace you serve is covered by support. This is internationalization simplified!

Protect your business from sales slumps

In order to protect your business from revenue loss due to account blocks, our backup solution included in the price offers you a safeguard. If your listings are set up in our account, you can simply continue to sell if your own account is blocked. No drop in sales, your listings remain active. Expanding and internationalizing an FBA business on your own might also lead to compliance issues due to different regulations in other countries – another reason to secure your business. Make internationalization secure!

You stay in control

Our Galaxy is the control center for expanders and automators. It is connected to Amazon’s SellerCentral and is the perfect management software for your pan-European FBA business. Set up your products, manage your PPC, check your payouts, access the SPACEMARKET, create support tickets and analyze your business, all with one software. The Galaxy enables internationalization with full control of your business and a focus on automation wherever possible. Contact us, and we will show you what it looks like.

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