Your e-commerce insurance against loss of sales

even when it’s already too late.

Preventive protection against risk?

Account already blocked?

Why secure your business?

Protect your account

Be ready in case your listings or account gets banned.

Change of legal structure

Many accounts get suspended when changing the legal form i.e. to a GmbH. Don’t make the same mistake.

Build a scaling business

Build a scalable Amazon business and secure your account.

Strong competition

Be one step ahead of your competition and secure your account.

Never out of stock

Never out of stock again? Easy, secure your stock through us.

Secured revenue stream

Securing your business provides a steady income, even in times of trouble.

How it works

Your listings or account got blocked?


Your account

As long as your listings and account is not blocked, you will keep selling via your own account.

Our account

Our account will hold your products as inactive listings. We won’t sell any of your products.

Your account

As long as your listings or account are blocked, you sell through our account.

Our account

As soon as your listings or account are blocked, we will switch your listings to active.