Introducing Galaxy AI

AI-Powered E-Commerce Expansion

Harness AI to Drive Your E-Commerce Success

Understanding your business

Supercharge your e-commerce growth with Galaxy AI’s AI-powered solution. Gain deep insights into customer reviews, segment your customer base, identify top-performing products, track your TACoS over time, pinpoint low-converting products, and discover lucrative bundle opportunities.

Customer Review Insights

Segmented Customer Analysis

Historical TACoS Visualization

Visualize the historical TACoS trends for my products...|

Products with Below-Average Conversion

Identify the products with below-average conversion rates...|

Bundle Opportunity Screening

Analyze sales data to identify bundle opportunities for my products...|

Streamlined Market Entry for Global Success

Expand into new markets

Seamlessly navigate the complexities of international markets with Galaxy AI’s market expansion features. Conduct targeted keyword research and create SEO-optimized translations tailored for the USA.

Keyword Research

SEO-Optimized Translation

UK Label Requirements

Which label requirements apply for the UK...|

Lab Testing Requirements

Does my product need any lab tests in France...|

A Comprehensive Overview

Outline the product safety standards for children's toys in Canada....|

Operational Optimization Made Simple

Optimize your operations

Simplify and optimize your operations with Galaxy AI’s intuitive tools. Enhance your product listings by addressing negative customer feedback and implementing suggested improvements. Effortlessly create an informative FAQ section based on common customer queries to streamline customer support.

Feedback Insights: Enhancing Product Listings

Identify any negative customer feedback related to all product listings and suggest improvements....|

Customer FAQs Made Easy: Automated Generation

Generate an FAQ section for my website based on common customer queries....|

Compliance Check: Flagging Non-Compliant Listings

Automatically check and flag any non-compliance in all product listings....|

Forbidden Health Claims Detection

Streamline Supply Chain: Identifying Bottlenecks

How It Works

Unlock Success with Galaxy AI in Three Effortless Steps

Experience the seamless power of Galaxy AI by following our simple four-step process

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Connect Account Seamlessly

Sign up and connect your e-commerce accounts


Unleash Galaxy AI's Magic

Let the Galaxy AI do its magic


From Insights to Autonomy: The Galaxy AI Roadmap

The journey from Galaxy AI to Galaxy Auto-Pilot

Galaxy AI progresses from providing insights using language models to becoming an autonomous agent, handling complex e-commerce tasks and driving business success.

Short Term - Public Language model API Use

In the initial stage, Galaxy AI leverages large language models to provide high-level understanding and insights into your business. By analyzing and summarizing static data, Galaxy AI gives a clear snapshot of performance, offering straightforward, data-driven insights that can drive immediate business decisions.

Mid Term - Custom Model Training

As Galaxy AI evolves, it begins learning from our rich in-house and customer data, including past performance metrics and historical trends. Our model becomes more sophisticated, offering personalized insights, identifying opportunities, and uncovering potential risks tailored to your business. By integrating historical data, Galaxy AI can anticipate future trends, helping your business stay one step ahead.

Long Term - Autonomous Agent

Imagine a future where Galaxy AI transforms from a tool into an autonomous entity. Galaxy AI not only offers insights, but also recommends and autonomously executes strategic decisions. It becomes your smartest and most reliable employee, effortlessly handling complex e-commerce tasks.

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Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ section to quickly find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Galaxy AI.

  1. Experienced E-Commerce Innovators: At SPACEGOATS, we bring to the table years of experience in e-commerce and international distribution. We’ve navigated the complexities of global trade, honed our expertise, and are now leveraging this wealth of knowledge to power GalaxyAI.
  2. Robust Infrastructure and Data-rich Environment: Our in-house developed “Galaxy” software and comprehensive supply chain infrastructure form the backbone of our operations. Moreover, we have at our disposal a wealth of data that spans logistics, supply chain, sales, advertising, product details, compliance, end-customer feedback, and reviews. Galaxy AI is engineered to harness this data effectively, paving the way for profound insights and informed decision-making.
  3. Proven Ground for Testing and Refinement: Our existing customer base is our greatest asset. They provide us with a real-world environment to test, iterate, and refine Galaxy AI continuously. This iterative feedback process ensures Galaxy AI stays at the cutting edge of e-commerce technology, consistently delivering exceptional results.
  1. We fully comply with the strongest data protection agreement on the planet: the European GDPR
  2. Certainly, your data remains strictly confidential. We prohibit any partners or third parties from using your data to train their models or for any other purpose whatsoever.
  1. Full Automation: Galaxy AI could become fully autonomous, managing all aspects of a business with minimal human intervention. It could monitor business performance, make decisions, and implement changes in real-time.
  2. Integrated Ecosystem: Galaxy AI could integrate with various other systems and platforms – from marketing and sales platforms to supply chain and financial systems – creating a unified, AI-driven business ecosystem.
  3. Advanced Capabilities: With advancements in AI and machine learning, Galaxy AI’s capabilities will continue to grow. It could develop capabilities like predictive modelling for business risks, real-time supply chain optimization, personalized marketing at scale, and much more.

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