New market,
more revenue?

Are you wondering if it’s worth expanding into a new marketplace? We analyse the potential that your products have on this marketplace.

Margin Calculation

In this step, we take a closer look at your products and calculate the margin per product. We take into account everything about stock, delivery, product and carton sizes, as well as your desired sales price (if this is already clear). Of course, we also take into account the costs on the various marketplaces. This gives us a first impression of the promising products, judged by margin.

• Margin in € and %
• Unit economics overview
• Identification of promising products

Competitor Analysis

In this step, we analyse your products according to your category/niche, search volume, main keyword, listing health etc. to identify potential competitors and the potential of your own product on each marketplace. This is the basis for making a sales prediction in the next step.

• Competitors identified
• Price variety in the market analysed
• Search volume

Sales Estimation

In this step, we make assumptions about sales based on the market situation, your desired margin, PPC spend and more. This gives us the opportunity to analyse your overall profitability in the next step.

• Expected sales
• Sales per product per marketplace

Profitability Analysis

In this step, we bring together all the data collected up to this point. With the costs incurred and the expected revenue, we can analyse the profitability of the individual products and in total over several months and examine your cash flow more closely.

• Initial invest per product
• Initial production quantity
• Revenue estimation
• ROI on first investment (without reorders)

PnL & Cashflow Planning

In this step, our focus is the cash conversion cycle. With the previously obtained data on profitability and cash flows, we take a close look at cash inflows and outflows. Since it is often necessary to reorder early due to longer delivery times, the invested capital is often earned earlier than it is actually in the bank account. We show you the effect of your delivery time on your cash conversion cycle.

• Monthly cash inflow
• Monthly cash outflow
• Cash conversion cycle (CCC) analysed
• All detailed expense position per product per month

Roadmap and Outlook

If the analysis shows a reasonable investment with the sale of your products on Amazon in Europe, we will provide you with a personal roadmap. This contains a more detailed description of a future cooperation.

• Actions
• Timeline

How it works

Get your market potential analysis in three easy steps.

The price for an analysis of the potential of new markets depends on the number of products and the market or the number of markets. Contact us to receive your personal quote.