Was BidX macht

BidX supports Amazon sellers to grow and scale their business by automating ads on and off Amazon with its software.This automation saves one day every week so that sellers have time to focus on their core business. BidX’ machine-learning algorithms continuously analyze the performance of ads and automatically adjust bids, keywords and budgets, making the ads 30% more profitable. With its hybrid model the tool allows manual adjustments tailored to specific needs and parameters to enable you to set your own ‘algorithms’ very easily and intuitively as well, using ‘If – then’ scenarios. BidX also supports the automation for keyword research and the setup of Amazon advertising campaigns 1-Click Setup – which works for multiple products and countries at the same time. New keywords will be created from search terms according to their performance in the campaigns and set as negative in their original campaign – entirely automatically. This saves a lot of precious time in managing the Amazon account that can now be used e.g. for sourcing new best selling products or expanding your teams.


BidX has built a custom function exclusively for SPACEGOATS. This breaks up its main advertising account into many small sub-accounts, so that each SPACEGOATS‘ client can control their own campaigns individually, without having to interact with SPACEGOATS. This will save time and alleviate most communication issues. Further, it will allow accounts to integrate strategic goals into advertising campaigns more effectively in order to expand and grow even faster in the European market.


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