The Kitchen Accessories Provider goes “D2C”

24. August 2023

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A leading kitchen accessories brand, entrenched in the B2B sector in the DACH region, faced the intricate challenge of going Direct-to-Consumer (D2C). The goal was to break into the EU Amazon market while launching a Shopify shop in their home market, all while maintaining quality control and brand integrity without disrupting their existing B2B relationships.


The brand’s movement toward D2C was fraught with complexities:

  1. Traditional Retailer Network: Their existing B2B focus required a careful transition to B2C, avoiding direct exposure as the seller.
  2. Lack of Internal E-Commerce Expertise: Internal limitations in E-Commerce know-how posed a barrier.
  3. Absence of B2C Infrastructure: Including billing, support, and operations, hampered the move.
  4. No International VAT Infrastructure: Navigating VAT in target markets was a concern.
  5. Similar Challenges with Shopify: The desired Shopify integration presented analogous challenges.
  6. Untapped Potential: Despite recognized products, the brand’s online market potential remained unrealized.


SPACEGOATS crafted a solution that simulated a D2C model within a traditional B2B framework:

  • Comprehensive B2C Support: A smooth transition to B2C on Amazon and Shopify, preserving B2B relationships.
  • Operational Assistance for Online Shop: Including logistics, billing, customer support, and operations.
  • Product Compliance & Quality Control: Ensuring alignment with standards and regulations.
  • Simplified VAT Handling: SPACEGOATS managed all B2C transactions, sparing the brand from VAT complexities.
  • Full Transparency: Galaxy Software integration for real-time insights and control.


The collaboration with SPACEGOATS was transformative:

  • Quick Onboarding: A smooth and efficient entry into the SPACEGOATS ecosystem.
  • Strategic Approach: Alignment with the brand’s identity and goals.
  • Expanded Reach: Launching in 4 Amazon marketplaces to widen customer access.
  • Significant Revenues: Tapping into new revenue avenues and online market segments.


This case underscores how an innovative partnership can empower a traditional brand to traverse into modern E-Commerce without compromising core values. With a focus on integrity, strategic alignment, and expert support, the brand unlocked new markets and revenue streams, illustrating the potential that lies in expertly navigating the complex online sales landscape.

Are you a leader in your industry, renowned for offering superior products and committed to maintaining quality and integrity? Whether it’s transitioning to online marketplaces such as Amazon in the EU, UK, USA, or establishing a customized Shopify shop for specific regions like the DACH, the journey can present both remarkable opportunities and intricate challenges.

Navigating these new terrains requires specialized knowledge, strategic planning, and dedicated support. SPACEGOATS has been the guiding force for brands like yours, facilitating smooth transitions, ensuring compliance, and unlocking new revenue streams without compromising on brand values.

Seize the opportunity to redefine your reach and leverage our expertise. Book a strategy meeting with SPACEGOATS today, and let’s explore how we can translate your unique strengths into a robust online presence that’s tailored to your specific needs and goals.

This use case aims to illustrate how SPACEGOATS can seamlessly facilitate a traditional B2B brand’s transition into the complex Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) market. The focus is on demonstrating our capabilities to provide an end-to-end solution that covers all aspects of online sales, from market entry to operations, compliance, and ongoing support.

Key Elements to Highlight

  1. Challenges Overcome: Emphasize the multifaceted challenges faced by the brand and how SPACEGOATS provided targeted solutions to address each specific issue.
  2. Unique Solution: Showcase the innovative approach of SPACEGOATS in simulating a D2C business for the brand while maintaining a familiar B2B model. Highlight the benefits such as VAT simplification, product compliance, and full transparency through the Galaxy Software.
  3. Successful Results: Visualize the impressive outcomes achieved, such as quick onboarding, expanded reach, and significant revenue growth.
  4. Personal Connection: Create a strong resonance with potential clients by conveying how SPACEGOATS can be their guiding partner in similar transitions, drawing parallels to the reader’s potential needs and goals.

Incorporate a prominent and inviting call to action, urging readers to book a strategy meeting with SPACEGOATS. This call to action should be designed to elicit a strong emotional response, enabling readers to envision themselves in the success story presented.

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