What Tradavo Product Compliance does

Travado Product Compliance offers you an all-round service in the area of product compliance for all your products, so that you don’t lose focus on the essentials and can avoid problems with authorities, competitors and marketplaces such as Amazon from the very beginning. Laws, regulations and guidelines are constantly changing. The list of legally relevant product requirements is confusing, long and, moreover, always dependent on the specific product. As if that wasn’t bad enough, manufacturer / merchant responsibility is also growing throughout the EU in the same time. But don’t worry, that is where Tradavo Product Compliance comes in! Tradavo Product Compliance offers you many years of conformity know-how in many areas such as household articles, textiles and clothing, pet supplies, toys, jewelry and watches, medical devices, electrical and electronic equipment, protective equipment and much more.

Why we partner with Tradavo Product Compliance

Use the conformity of your products as a competitive advantage and stay one step ahead of your competitors! Authorities as well as marketplaces (e.g. Amazon) themselves are increasingly taking action against non-compliant products. The sometimes serious consequences range from official orders (e.g. prohibition of distribution) to very high fines to the locking of your Amazon account. With the right partner at your side, you just have to sit back and relax. We can offer you the following services, among others: Creation of test plans, EG/EU declarations of conformity, labeling test, marketability test, requirements from the ElektroG and BattG, Amazon listing check, creation of user manuals, booking of pre-shipment inspections specifically tailored to your product, help with compliance requests from Amazon.


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