What MOVESELL does

MOVESELL is a full service Amazon agency. Using its own Amazon analytics software ROPT, MOVESELL collects and analyses millions of data points daily to efficiently and objectively evaluate brand success on Amazon. The team of Amazon-certified experts creates spot-on analyses based on the data to derive an individual brand strategy and implement it with performance marketing and content. In doing so, the Kiel-based agency draws on the experience of successfully consulting more than 200 brands to date. MOVESELL is an officially certified Amazon Advertising Partner and is in direct regular contact with Amazon. With its own podcast AHEAD ON MARKETPLACES and keynote speeches at all relevant industry events, MOVESELL is considered a leading partner for strategies, analyses and growth on Amazon.

Why we partner with MOVESELL

When presenting your own products on different Amazon marketplaces, there are some important things to consider. For example, there are often country-specific differences in search behavior, purchasing behavior and product requirements.
MOVESELL analyzes the market situation of the respective marketplace for brands. Based on the results of the analysis, MOVESELL derives individual marketplace strategies and prepares brands for entry into various Amazon marketplaces and provides them with strategic advice.
As a leading agency for Amazon marketing, MOVESELL advises brands worldwide to strengthen their presence on all Amazon marketplaces.