We support entrepreneurs, traders & start-ups from a wide range of industries in all matters relating to storage, packaging, shipping and returns. 
Our core areas: Fulfillment, Pre-FBA, FBM and Prime by Seller. 
By outsourcing your logistics, you can finally focus on your core competencies again, drive your business forward and continue to grow. Every day we work to develop the best fulfilment solutions for our customers and continue to optimise our processes until nothing can be left out. We see ourselves not only as a pure fulfilment service provider, but as a partner at eye level. Our goal is to grow together with our customers. Therefore, honesty, direct communication and transparency are elementary values for us, which also shape our way of working.

Why we partner with FULSHIPMENT GmbH

With our Pre-FBA package, we offer you the opportunity to temporarily store your goods in our warehouse and in this way reduce your own effort and save on storage costs. This way you can fully concentrate on the growth of your Amazon business.
FBM & Prime by Seller
As an experienced FBM service provider, you can outsource the entire fulfilment process to us. We take care of the storage of your goods, the timely processing of your orders and the dispatch to your customers. If you wish, we can also support you in participating in the Amazon “Prime by Seller” programme.
In cooperation with SPACEGOATS and FULSHIPMENT, you are therefore optimally equipped for your international growth. Through our long cooperation, you receive a partnership that is perfectly matched to each other.