Slack Community Guidelines

Welcome to the SPACEGOATS Slack community! Your contributions in the channels are a valuable and significant part of this community. It’s not for nothing that we say:

Knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving!

The quality of discussions here is very important to us: The SPACEGOATS community is a platform for interesting and appealing dialogues about the topic of Amazon. We therefore have certain rules in place for posts and linked content to which all members of the community have to adhere.

Slack community rules

Ensure relevance: Support queries that are directed at SPACEGOATS as a service provider have to be submitted via our support ticketing system. This is due to the fact that not only is this mostly only relevant to a very small group but the SPACEGOATS Amazon Operations team is also unable to handle requests in Slack.

Use threads: In order to keep the channels somewhat neat and overseeable, we ask you to post your replies to a post in the thread.

Stay on-topic in threads: Your input has to refer to the topic of the post, add relevant aspects and can of course include controversy and opinion.

Mutual respect: Treat other users with respect and consideration and avoid hostilities. Make sure not to diminish or ridicule others and to use objective criticism.

External communities: It is not allowed to advertise, publish or discuss external groups or communities in the SPACEGOATS Slack channel. Experience has shown that this would lead to smaller offside groupings and exclude the majority of the community. If you want to open a group for a new topic, you can open a new public #channel.

No discrimination and defamation: Racist, sexist, homophobic or otherweise inhumane posts and comments that condemn or disparage groups of people in general are prohibited. The author of a post is responsible for avoiding possible interpretations like these.

Appropriate manner of expression: Please express yourself in a way and language that everyone can understand. Slurs and sanguinary, equivocal or obscene language are prohibited.

No advertising: Promotion, spamming or other content without value is prohibited.

User and posting name: It is allowed to post using a pseudonym or real name. Please choose your username in such a way that is not possible to mistake you for someone else or to wrongly assume that you speak for an organization or group.

Report postings: Please report posts that violate the community guidelines. We do not want to prevent freedom of speech in any way. On the contrary, our goal is to create an atmosphere where everyone feels invited to participate and express their opinions. For reporting or other issues, please contact a SPACEGOATS team member.

Post deletion: We reserve the right to to delete Slack posts if they violate these forum guidelines or harm the quality of the discussion.

By joining the SPACEGOATS community, you agree to these rules. We are looking forward to your participation and to hear what you have to say!

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