Our galactic offers allow you to save overhead expenses
such as the Amazon subscription fee, costs for invoicing tools or tax consultants.

Basic Fee

Since you do not need an Amazon account of your own once you become a SPACEGOATS client, you will save money in several areas: Such as the Amazon subscription fee, invoicing software or tax consultants in other countries. On top of that, not only will your financial expenses drop but also the time required to run your Amazon business. Even better: This basic fee is omitted for wholesale clients with more than 2000 sales per month.

Costs per Sold Unit

Amazon charges additional shipping fees of 50 cents per product that is being sent from a German logistics center. However, this only applies if you are not taking part in the Central European Program (CEP), a logistics network extension, and therefore do not authorise Amazon to store and process your stock in the Amazon fulfillment network (including Poland and the Czech Republic). Consequently, instead of you paying Amazon these 50 cents as a kind of penalty charge, we charge this exact amount as unit costs. Thus, if you have not been taking part in this program until now, you won't even feel these 50 cents in your books - after all, you have been paying the same amount of money anyhow: for shipping. Beginning from 2000 sent out items per month, unit costs decrease with an increasing number of sales up to a minimum of only 32 cents. This is recalculated every month.


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