All of Amazon Europe - none of the VAT registrations

We know what it’s like to face obstacles on the road to global expansion: tax registrations, invoicing and more. That’s why we’ve made it simple to sell your products all over Europe on Amazon.

Your All-In-One Solution

Expanding your online business into various countries entails dealing with Amazon and the PAN-EU-program, tax registration in all respective countries, the entire accounting process, and end customer support in multiple languages.
At SPACEGOATS, we take care of all of that!

We’ve experienced these obstacles ourselves – that’s why we built a solution to clear them out of the way.
We sell your products on our Amazon account, using the pan-European shipping network, while you can keep track of everything, overseeing your listings in our Galaxy software.

All in one: We simplify global expansion for Amazon sellers!

"Galactic Start-up
Receives Financial Booster for International All-in-One Solution for Amazon Sales"

If you’re interested in our own takeoff story, here’s an article about the seed financing we received from German investment fund High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF).

All Benefits Included In One Price

Instead of endless individual expenses, our pricing plans include everything you’ll need.

We're There for You and Your Customers

We are by your side when you need us – and we also take care of your customers’ needs.

The Right Match for Everyone

You have goods to sell – that’s all that matters. Whether you are the distributor, manufacturer or brand owner of one or many products, SPACEGOATS is your partner and can provide the right service for everyone:

What can SPACEGOATS do for you?

Whether you’re producing this amazing item you want to get out into the world or already selling something on Amazon that needs more exposure, we can help. Whether you’re a big company looking to add Amazon as another string to your bow or a small business aspiring to act as a global player, we can help. We’ll take away the administrative effort and worries that come with growing your Amazon business internationally.