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The center of our galactic magic: The Galaxy. Let’s go on a little tour of our software so you can find out everything you need to know about the Galaxy V1.

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Selling on Amazon made easy

The Galaxy is like your own personal cockpit on the spaceship that helps your company skyrocket with SPACEGOATS. From this cockpit, you can oversee everything that’s happening and push the respective button or pull the respective lever if you need to take action.

Dashboard: The galactic overview of your sales

After logging in, you’ll find yourself on the dashboard. This is the heart of the Galaxy. It shows you an overview over your sales on the current day and in the current month. The sales for your various products are displayed in a neat chart in different colors for a quick visual overview. This view can be filtered by brands, units or sales, periods of time or products.

A table underneath shows all information in greater detail: SKUs, product names and ASINs are listed with sold units in the chosen time period, as well as revenue, sellable and unsellable stock and actual stock.
Our own SPACEGOATS algorithm calculates how long it would take for you to run out of stock with the current inventory and sales trends, and displays the number of days for you.

Monthly overview: See the real numbers

This area is where you can view the actual payment flows from Amazon. Essentially, this is a clearer display of what you would find in the Seller Central if we wouldn’t summarize everything on the dashboard for you.

Take a look at your income per month, including information about ASINs, SKUs, product names, numbers, orders, adaptations, refunds, remissions and disbursements. In short: See how much you’ve actually made.

Below that, you will find more charts going into more detail about the information listed above. You’ll also find overviews of credit notes, warehouse charges and the like.

Service Tickets: Contact our support team and manage PPC campaigns

If you need help with anything, this is where you get in touch with our expert team to help you with anything. All you have to do is create a ticket.
This is also the place where you see an overview of your previous tickets, their status, and you can filter your requests.

A service ticket is also the way to create or manage your Amazon PPC campaigns.

In the PPC area of the Galaxy, you can view your campaigns. See how much you spent in which country, sort by clicks, impressions and more, or check which keywords were the biggest hits.

SPACE MARKET: Shop for additional services

You need something that SPACEGOATS can’t directly do for you? Look no further! In this section of the Galaxy, you’ll find the SPACE MARKET – a place where you can book additional services without so much as opening another window in your browser.

Choose from our selected partners and agencies to simplify further areas of your business and receive an estimated price before booking.

At the current time, you can find packaging registration, the Sellerboard (a performance tool), product photography and soon a PPC agency to help you by providing their services.

Other features: Recommend someone to receive a bonus and manage your settings

If you are satisfied with your journey through the SPACEGOATS universe, why not recommend someone to come on board? All you have to do is click on the respective button in the Galaxy and fill out a short form. The best part: If your recommendation is successful, we’ll reward you with a free month (no basis fee for one month) at SPACEGOATS.

Finally, you can of course change your contact details and user data in the settings section in the Galaxy.

We’ve finished our tour of the Galaxy V1! Look out for news and updates on our product insights page.

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