Manage your sales and services

This is the center of our galactic magic: Our software, the Galaxy. It’s your entrance into the SPACEGOATS universe where you can access all the services that we offer you on your dashboard: Real time sales data, PPC reportings, managing your products and more!

Keep track of what's happening


Access the important numbers for your business at a glance in the Galaxy: See how many items you sold in a neat chart and keep track of your stock. Your dashboard shows you the amounts of sellable and unsellable stock for each product and displays the calculated number of days until you run out of stock. You also have the option to filter by the respective marketplaces or a particular date range.

Book services without leaving the Galaxy


A whole universe to find everything you need! Discover additional services for your business on the SPACE MARKET. Find tools to help you with anything from packaging registrations to PPC reportings and marketing. The best part: You can book everything directly from the Galaxy.

We are continuously updating and expanding our network of partner agencies and other service providers to get the best deals on the SPACE MARKET for you and your business.


We are there for you...

Our support team is by your side whenever you need us. You can always reach out to our team by opening a support ticket and we will promptly get back to you.
We also sort out things on the front line with Amazon for you because we’ve experienced firsthand how challenging that can be. We know how to efficiently transmit information to and from Amazon to get the best results for you and everyone involved.

...and support your customers

Expanding your business all over Europe sounds great, but you have no idea how to keep all these customers satisfied – in several countries speaking various languages? We’ve got your back. With SPACEGOATS, you won’t have to deal with customer support anymore. Our experienced Customer Success team provides multilingual support and keeps customers across the continent happy. giving you more time to focus on your product and your business.

Your access to the Galaxy is here.

The Galaxy is your entryway to a whole universe of services. From your dashboard, stay on top of what’s happening while we help you to simplify your Amazon experience, keep your customers happy and grow your business.