Here you can find galactic answers to frequently asked questions.

What in the name of the holy goat is an HS Code?

The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) is an internationally standardised list of goods, consisting of descriptions and numbers. It was developed and is still maintained by the World Customs Organisation (WCO) for the classification of all commercial goods. Basically, it’s a code that you need for international shipment.

When will I receive my bonus for recruiting a new customer?

If you recruit another customer, you will receive a bonus of one free month (meaning no charge of the monthly subscription fee) per successful recommendation. You will receive your bonus when the respective client has been a customer for at least three months.

Do I need to register a brand?

Amazon brand registration gives you access to tools that allow you to represent your brand more accurately, such as EBC and A+ content. Furthermore, infringements can be actively prevented, reported more quickly, and counteracted. For nationwide sales, it’s usually sufficient to register the brand in the respective country. In the case of a pan-European expansion, you should register the brand Europe-wide.

Do I need EANs or FNSKUs for distribution via SPACEGOATS?

FNSKU codes are linked to a specific seller account. That means we can either upload your products with the general product-oriented EAN code or we (re)label your products with the FNSKU codes from our account so that the goods can be assigned correctly upon delivery to the Amazon shipping center.

What difference does it make if my products are labeled with EAN Codes or FNSKUs?

Both codes serve a similar purpose but are used by different logistics companies. EAN stands for “European Article Number” and replaces the former Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). EAN codes are recognised throughout Europe and can be used in retail, supermarkets and other sales areas to identify and assign a product within a merchandise management system. They are assigned only once and can be used by any company that sells this product. FNSKU codes, on the other hand, are Amazon’s own internal warning and label numbers and – on top of the unique allocation and identification of products – are used to identify the respective seller of any Amazon stock.

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