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We are your Amazon distributor on all European marketplaces. Sit back and let us deal with sales, customer care and more – while you remain in control of what’s happening.

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Set up an appointment

Pick the date and time that suits you and your schedule best. Book an appointment with us for your individual virtual meeting.

Your strategy meeting

Our goal is your success. In order to achieve that, we’ll get together with you virtually and take a look at your product and your goals. Based on this evaluation, we’ll create an individual service portfolio just for you.

Creating your listings

With the help of one of our partners, your Amazon product listings will be created.

Time to launch

Your product is ready to be launched! You choose where you want your product to be sold – we’ll place your articles on those requested marketplaces and start selling.

You stay in control

Your personal dashboard in the Galaxy, our software, allows you to keep full control of everything and oversee your sales. If you need extra services, you can book them directly from the Galaxy on our SPACE MARKET.

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“Once the product is on the market, there is not much work left to be done.” Sit back, let SPACEGOATS take care of your sales and watch your business grow!



Is there anything you still need to know before getting in touch with us? We answered some of the most frequently asked questions for you.

Your products will of course be displayed under your brand name on Amazon – so all the newly created positive reputation will directly benefit your brand. However, your products will be sold from the account “Varento Trading” which is a 100% subsidiary of SPACEGOATS GmbH. This simply allows us (and you!) to expand to additional marketplaces in the future while keeping the flexibility for everyone. On top of that, this arrangement means your products are being sold anonymously under the value-free art term Varento – without becoming recognisable on the marketplace directly or indirectly via SPACEGOATS.
Due to the principle of extended reservation of ownership that we apply within the contractual relationship, we can offer you two things as our partner: On the one hand the possibility for you to export your products across borders and on the other hand you have access to your goods until they are sold and we waive your profits.

Yes, unfortunately, we can’t do the packaging registration in Germany for you. Since 01.01.2019, it is mandatory for manufacturers to register with the official packaging register LUCID to register and pay the produced waste quantities as part of a dual system. The packaging law generally refers to the obligated first distributors as “manufacturers”. Depending on the individual case, this includes producers, dealers, importers, online and mail order companies and other initial distributors. The relevant factor here is the initial marketing – which is why this licensing obligation (unlike in other EU countries) cannot be fulfilled by SPACEGOATS.

Don’t worry: We have tips and guidelines to help you get your packaging licenses.

You only need to register your taxes in Germany. We are doing a B2B deal with you, therefore we can offer you the advantage of deducting the sales tax – which means you only need to provide a German sales tax identification number when starting with us.

We are your Amazon distributor

SPACEGOATS is your professional partner to market your goods on one or more Amazon marketplaces. Contact us now to grow your business and get your product out into the Amazon world.